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Cyber Liability And Data Breach Insurance

When it comes to cyberattacks on your California business, it’s a matter of when, not if it will happen. Online or cybercriminals, often located outside of the USA, can get into your computer system, encrypt your files and demand a ransom. They may destroy or release your proprietary and confidential information if you refuse to pay. These data breaches can cause customers and the public to lose confidence in your business, which is why you need comprehensive cyber liability and data breach insurance in California.

Data Drives Your Business

No matter what type of small- to the medium-size business you operate in California, data drives it. Denial of service can shut down your website, leaving a bad impression on visitors and customers. A data breach could send your good reputation into the dumps. Data drives everything you do, and businesses of all types and sizes can have a cyber liability issue. Cyber liability insurance California protects your personal and business finances when a cyber security breach occurs.

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Prevent Catastrophic Financial Losses

A typical data breach on a small- to mid-size business in California costs $6.5 million to rectify. Most small businesses don’t have that amount of cash sitting in a bank account.

A policy for data breach insurance California protects against catastrophic financial losses caused by data breaches and theft.

The insurance also protects you against financial losses from customers who may take you to court if their information is stolen in a data breach.

What Is Covered By Data Breach and Cyber Liability Insurance California?

Data breaches and cyber-attacks have widespread consequences on your business and reputation. Our insurance covers data compromise protections to your employees and customers if their information is stolen, hacked, or corrupted. It also includes legal cost protection.

If you require forensic services for data recovery, data breach insurance California provides payment or reimbursement. These insurance policies also pay for personal services for affected parties, including credit monitoring and case managers to call identity theft victims.

How Cyber Liability Insurance California Protects Your Bottom Line

Public relations costs after a data breach can be prohibitive, but cyber liability insurance pays for it. If you need to go to court, the insurance policy pays for your legal defense. Credit history restoration services, identity recovery protection, and restoration of your systems to pre-attack levels are also included.

There is no one-size-fits-all cyber liability insurance in California. To customize an insurance policy that works for your business, contact us today.

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