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Workers’ Comp Insurance California

Workers’ compensation insurance, or workers’ comp, is insurance coverage for employees who suffer from an injury or an illness while they’re working. This type of protection pays for medical bills and some lost wages. It also pays for employee rehab and provides death benefits. A professional workers comp insurance broker can help you get the protection that you need for your company.

What You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Every state has unique workers’ compensation laws that businesses are required to abide by. These laws make sure that companies provide protection for their employees when they suffer from injuries that happen at work or experience job-related illnesses. Employees are covered even if they are negligent.

An employee is only eligible for worker compensation benefits if their injury or sickness is associated with their work responsibilities or general employment. This type of insurance may cover an injury caused by a worker lifting something heavy or after a slip and fall. It will provide coverage for an employee who suffers from an injury due to a fire at work or an explosion.

If a worker becomes injured off the job, then workers’ compensation won’t cover them. For instance, if an employee twists his or her ankle at home or while playing racquetball at a rec center, then they’ll need to use their personal medical coverage for care instead of filing for workers’ comp.

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Who is Required to Get Workers’ Compensation?

Most states require companies to get workers’ compensation insurance. There are exemptions, so if you think that you may be eligible for them, be sure to check with a workers comp insurance broker for details.

Keep in mind that deciding to skip this type of insurance coverage will put your company at risk financially. Without it, you may wind up fighting a lawsuit over an employee’s work injuries. You could also face a fine if the state requires your company to have it and you don’t.

Along with protecting employees, workers’ compensation insurance protects your business. For instance, if you have insurance that’s in compliance with the state’s law, then an employee who needs benefits won’t need to sue your company for lost wages or an injury.

Even with workers’ comp, an employee can sue you for something that isn’t covered under this type of insurance. Make sure that you have liability insurance too. It will cover all legal fees and any additional court expenses that you may have incurred.

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Independent Contractors?

While workers’ compensation insurance is generally for your permanent employees, this type of insurance covers independent contractors too. If you hire independent contractors and one of them experiences an injury or an illness on the job, then workers’ comp insurance for contractors will cover them.

What Isn’t Covered?

Along with illnesses or injuries that happen away from work, injuries that occur because of substance abuse or intoxication are not covered. The insurance doesn’t cover injuries that occur during an employee’s commute time or intentional injuries.

Avoid Penalties with the Best Workers Comp Insurance California

Since each state has developed its own set of workers’ compensation laws, penalties for not carrying coverage vary. If you get hit with a penalty, it may devastate your business.

Avoid penalties by knowing what your state requires. There are different ways to obtain compensation coverage but working with a workers comp insurance broker can ensure that you’ll have what you need. If you hire permanent employees and independent contractors, consider working with an attorney as well to make sure that you’re classifying your people properly.

Workers’ compensation insurance will offer you peace of mind. To learn more, contact us at the C Side Insurance Agency today.

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